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  Environmental Managment

Environmental Management topic is gaining weight in the industry where manufacturers, supplies and other
industry players are taking various steps to implement environmental management. Ersan Kauçuk fully
supports the effort for environmental care and has been playing its role both internally with workers and
personnels, as well as externally with customers and suppliers.


We have laid out Environmental Policy to ensure all our personels are aware of the importance of
environmental care and practice the policy accordingly.

Our  Environmental Policy :

To ensure natural sources , energy and raw materials are being used effectively.

To reduce the amount of waste resulted from production & to ensure there is no harm in handling the waste.

To increase the reuse of material as much as possible.

Future investment will include environmental management area.
To educate all personnels on the  topic of environmental care.
To obtain all regulations with regards  to environmental management.
To include and encourage suppliers in our effort for environmental care.
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