Quality Managment
  Environmental Managment
  Quality Managment

Each batch of compound produced undergoes a series of tests in our  laboratory which is fumished with
modern equipments, in compliance to international standards. Apart from the quality control process
being carried out throughout production, finished parts are also tested for life cycle under a longer
specified period of time.

Technology / Equipments used :

Rheometer , Tensometer, Ozone Testing Machine, Density Measurement Machine, Fatigue Test, Endurance
Test Machine for Hoses,etc.

Guided by our Quality Policy we ensure the utmost quality for our customers through each of control and testing.

Our Quality Policy :

Increase our productivity by achieving continuous improvements and following TQM System
Obtain customer satisfaction by Quality ,Cost and Delivery Performance

Constitute elements to increase our competition in both Domestic and International  markets

Maintain Positive ,Constitutive, Effective and Continuous Relations with the trainings of our Workers
  and also our Suppliers
Çalışanların çevre bilincini geliştirmek.
Yasal yükümlülüklerini yerine getirmek.
Produce parts by Caning Environment ,its Issues and Standards

Certifications :

ISO/TS 16949:2002 (TUV-Saarland, expiry March 20,2008)

ISO/TS 14001:2004 (TUV-Saarland, expiry August 17,2008)

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